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Passive mode launch app after installation

Hello guys,

I need to launch my application after even  passive mode installation.

I created customaction but it needs to be triggered.

Could anyone help me ?

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Flexera Alumni

Hi @hbozkurt ,

  1. What does  that custom-action do?
  2. Did you sequence it accordingly?
  3. To get context,can you explain in steps?



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Customaction does that when user has clicked the Finish button it launches the application. But in passive mode there is no button as you know.

2- To be honest I did not understand completely.

3- I need to launch my main executable when  the installation of the application has finished. In normal mode it works correctly. That is fine. But I need to do it also in passive mode.

I hope you understand me correctly.

Thanks a lot

Best regards


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Revenera Moderator Revenera Moderator
Revenera Moderator

During passive mode there is no user interface for the user to interact with, and the dialog that you have placed the custom action on will be skipped.

You will need to create a new custom action which is not associated with a dialog, you can try placing it in the execute sequence after Register Product.
You will also need to add a condition to this additional custom action to prevent it from running during normal mode, you can base this condition on the UILevel Property to dictate which mode it should be run.

I hope this is useful,

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