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One dll not being updated when my msi runs.

I have a basic MSI project which I have used for years. I set this up with a ReinstallMode of "a" as this project is meant to install our custom files on top of our standard product. I have used this template to build 300+ installs over the years without a problem.

For one of our clients, there is a certain dll that never gets updated. All other files are installed\updated, just not this one dll. I have tried updating the version of this file and rebuilding, and nothing seems to work. Only if I remove the entry for the file at "C:\Windows\Installer\$PatchCache$\UnManaged\" will the correct updated version of this file get installed.

Has anyone seen this behavior before? Any ideas as to a solution?

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I may have a similar issue - One DLL not properly installed, all others installed OK

I am finding that the 32 bit DLL is installed correctly on a Win7 64 bit PC to the correct Windows\sysWOW64 directory, but the 64 bit dll is also installed to Windows\sysWOW64, instead of Windows\System32 - please refer to the thread below
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Re: One dll not being updated when my msi runs.

can you generate a msi log and let us know what the log says about that particular file during install process? it might give a clue ......
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