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Need to remove obsolete files with a minor upgrade

I'm using basic msi and I need to remove some obsolete files with a minor upgrade. I have read about using the RemoveFiles table for this, but since this could be a reacuring thing later on I would rather use a more dynamic approach.

So my question is: is there away to compare what files are in the old and the new version and make the new version remove all files that are in the old but not in the new when making a minor upgrade?

Regards Daniel
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Level 8

If you are going for a minor upgrade, the changes that would be made in the latest setup should be minor(that is the basic idea). So, they should be easily identifiable.

In no way can you delete files, obsolete or otherwise, from the latest setup if you are planning for a minor upgrade. Its against upgrade rules.

If you need to remove a file you should still include it in your setup but mark it as TRANSITIVE. That is the only way.

If you use a patch to deploy your minor upgrade, you will get the differences in your patch.
What do you mean by obsolete?
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