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Navigate to the user defined dialog when user click "Ignore" option if services are not started instead of "SetupCompleteSuccess" dialog

Installation failed when services do not start?
Set "Abort Install on Failure" to NO and changed wait value from 1 to 0. so that we got "Abort", "Retry" and "Ignore" option. If we click "Ignore", installation goes to "SetupCompleteSuccess" dialog. But it should go to our customized dialog. Do we have any suggestion to achieve this?

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Level 3

Hi Team, Any input on the above one.

Thanks in Advance

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Revenera Moderator Revenera Moderator
Revenera Moderator

Hi @vimala,


 Could you please explain your requirement in details,  you would like to cancel the installation if the service start is not successful?  

You have your own script to show dialog to abort cancel and retry?

may i know what is your project type?

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Level 3

Hi Team,

If the Service is not started then we will get popup window with "Abort", "Retry" and "Ignore" button(Refer below Screen) .If we click "Ignore" button it is going to SetupCompleteSuccess dialog instead of our own new dialog.

How to identify and navigate to our new dialog when the user clicked on "Ignore" option ?

Please Advice

Thanks in Advance!


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