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Minor upgrade is having problem ..please help

I am using installshield 2011. In the files and folders list i had created two folders one c1 and the second one c2. Both c1 and c2 have some components. When i installed it, it was properly installed with the folders c1 and c2. Now the requirement was to rename c2 to c2_2011, so i did that and build the setup and when i tried to run in over an already installed system it asked for upgrade and i said yes, the installation proceeded but the change was not reflected nor the anyfiles.

This is really annoying, because if i try this in a fresh machine it was perfectly working the only scenario its failing in during the upgrade. Please provide some information on this weird behavior of installshiled.

I am using a basic msi project... please help...:( thanks in advance.
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Search in the msi log for SELMGR. That should give you a hint. Also refer to this article for more help -->

I hope this helps.

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