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Level 5

Minor Upgrade Validation warning

i've create a minor Upgrade and validate it with the Patch & Upgrade validation. The validation gives me the warning VAL0009:
A registry entry has been removed from the component my.dll. This key must be added to the RemoveRegistry table, otherwise it will be orphaned by an upgrade '0|interface\{d685eb07-d54e-4f41-acc2-2ef2bb9f02b7}\typelib|'

so i have create a Entry into the RemoveRegistry table from the new Project:
Root = 0
Key = interface\{d685eb07-d54e-4f41-acc2-2ef2bb9f02b7}\typelib
Name = -

i've rebuild the Project and the validation Warning still reappears:confused:
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Level 5

I have the same problem.

Did you find a solution?
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Level 6


I also got a problem when did minor upgrade.

I fixed the problem, here is my solution.

Give value below in registry table:
Root = 0
Key = interface\{d685eb07-d54e-4f41-acc2-2ef2bb9f02b7}
Name = -

add a new one if there is still warning message, replace new GUID for key.

hopefully, this can help you

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