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Minor Upgrade - Setup to Upgrade

Hello Everyone, I am an InstallShield novice.

I have the below questions about understanding of a concept. Hope, someone helps me.

What is the use of the Minor Upgrade's "Setup to Upgrade" property?
Does InstallShield compare the current Installer's components with that of the counterpart components of the setup.exe indicated through "Setup to Upgrade", to find out binary difference amongst the components?
If any of the component has a binary difference, then does such a component gets packaged into the current installer's setup.exe ?

I understand the Binary difference between components also include last modified time stamp, correct me if I am wrong. Basically, how does the current installer comes to know about which all files to be packaged into setup.exe ?

I cant seem to figure out this. However, if the "setup to Upgrade" is not set, the compiler doesn't show up any error. What actually happens under the hood?

Any light on the above matter is highly appreciated. I know I have asked many questions 🙂
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Re: Minor Upgrade - Setup to Upgrade

The Setup to Upgrade field allows you to perform Upgrade Validation ( to ensure that you don't break any of the rules for creating a Minor Upgrade ( A Minor Upgrade includes all of your files but only the updated files will get installed. A Minor Upgrade is nothing more than a reinstall. The REINSTALLMODE of a Minor Upgrade is vomus:
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