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Merge-Module Path too long, TFS Build

Installshield 2014 Basic MSI

Hi All,
Our project contains merge-Modules. Building from Installshield works.
Now we definitely want to build via TFS. In this case, build fails with error "the path is longer than the limit set by the os" or so.
Actually the path that is in question has about 182 characters.
Where lies the origin of the path restriction. Why is it so short (in Windows-Explorer, I have been able to create much longer paths)?
What is the recommended strategy for TFS-Build?

Note: when building from TFS, the dest folder structure is longer than that, when building from Installshield. It is like c:\builds\MyBuildDefinition\src\MyInstallshieldProject\MyConfiguration\MyRelease instead of c:\MyInstallshieldProject\MyConfiguration\MyRelease
We are not inclined to call our BuildDefinition "B" and our BuildConfiguration "C" and so on.

Thanks for any help.
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Installshield has a limitation of 160 characters on the path length. We had a discussion with Flexera on this issue a couple of years ago, here is what they say:

"When we build a release, we generally extract all the files during the build in the release location. And when all the files and folders are extracted, the path may get longer than the max length allowed by OS (256 charactes). Hence, I will recommend to have the release location as small as possible."

"Our Engineering team confirmed that as per the documentation, recommended path length should not be longer than 160 characters, due to the limit by microsoft.
In this case path length exceeding 160 characters,hence the behavior exists, as I mentioned previously try to reduce the path length below 160 characters to avoid the issue."

Also, Flexera accepted our issue as an Enhancement request, but I guess that nothing has changed since then.

BTW, we had to rename the mergemodules we use in order to satisfy the Installshield limits.
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