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Level 13

Suite Cancel - Finish Button in Upper Left Corner of Page

Sometimes when I cancel out of my Suite install the 'Finish' button is displayed in the upper left corner of the page!
This is on the InstallationComplete page.
Has anyone else had this behavior?
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Level 13

I filed a support ticket with Flexera for this. It can be replicated as follows:
I have several Exe actions in 'OnStaging'. Mine are to uninstall packages and then more actions to install. Abort code of -1 on install actions REQUIRED to make it fail.
1. Cancel out of the packages doing uninstall immediately as they start
2. Immediately hit Cancel on the Suite
3. Cancel the install package when it starts
There may be slight variations of this that will fail as well. It seems to be important to hit Cancel immediately in the packages so that you don’t get the pop up for confirmation to abort.

The workaround is to remove the Abort Code of -1. The 'Finish' button still flashes briefly in the upper left corner, but at least it ends up in the right place 🙂
I tried Abort Code of -2 and that does not fail.
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