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Level 2

Major Upgrade is removing files

I have a major upgrade that appears to be removing files during the uninstall previous product steps. It seems to only be happening to a single component and I have checked the IDs against the previous install version. The files show up for a bit and then when that last step runs the files are removed. If I do a repair then the files come back. Any idea what would cause this to happen?
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Level 3

This happened to me before, it turned out to be i a file (or multiple files) in more than one component.
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Level 10

It has also happened to me in this scenario:

FileA has not changed version number between releases.

Costing marks FileA as not needing upgrade because version is already present.

RemoveExistingProducts runs the previous release's uninstall, which removes the file.

InstallFiles actions for new install skips the file because costing has marked it as present.

You can resolve this by either moving the RemoveExistingProducts action or by ensuring that the version numbers for all versioned files have been increased for a major upgrade.
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