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Level 5

Major Upgrade and GAC

IS 2010
MSI Project
2 components
1 deployed to file system
1 deployed to GAC
Same source file

Install 1
Component registered in GAC
Component on file system
everything fine

Change Product Code
Have Major Upgrade item set


Component not registered in GAC
Component on file system

Repeat process
Component registered in GAC
Component on file system

What am I missing?

Thanks for any help
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Level 7


You may want to check out the following article:
Assemblies may be missing from the GAC or WinSxS cache after an MSI major upgrade

It appears that you are running into some limitations of MSI behavior. One of the workarounds mentioned involves changing the sequencing for RemoveExistingProducts. Note that moving this action after InstallFinalize will likely require that you follow many of the minor upgrade rules such as not changing the component codes of existing components. Thus it is a more complicated placement.

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Level 5

Thank you very much. Sounds exactly like my problem.
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