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Level 2

How to set .prq directory ?

Hello all,

I am new to Installshield. I am looking to add some prerequisites to our installer. I created a .prq file also. I will be adding these files along with our source files. I want to set the directory in the installshield project to look for these .prq files. I want to take that out of the default prerequisite directory. Please note that we will be doing our build using MSbuild and IS standalone build. Hence, I have to configure the .prq directory inside the isproj file.
I have two problems :
1. What is the property to set the .prq directory in the isproj file?
2. How do I set it in the Installshield? I don't find any options to the set the .prq directory. I see an option to set Mergemodule path but none for setting the path to .prq files.

I appreciate any help.

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Level 7

Just to Direct Editor and check for ISSetupPrerequisites
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Level 2

Thanks a lot. That works!
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