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Level 7

MDAC 2.8 object files missing

I have run the installshieldinstallscriptobjects.exe file to install these objects. My development PC is NOT connected to the internet. I selected all the objects in the install - including MDAC 2.8. In my InstallScript MSI project where I have selected MDAC 2.8 under the Redistributables the Location is "Needs to be downloaded". When I "edit" the prerequisite and look at the "Files to Include" tab all the files list the "Path to Local File" as \SetupPrerequisites\Microsoft Data Access Components (MDAC) 2.8\ This folder DOES exist on my machine but it is empty. None of the files listed in the Prerequisite Editor (wdsetupm.inf, advpack.dll, bidinter.inf, etc...) can be found. I also searched for them under \Program Files\InstallShield\2010.

Any ideas where these files might be and is the fact that they are missing causing the IDE to think the MDAC 2.8 prerequisite still needs to be downloaded?

Thank you.
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Level 17

The installshieldinstallscriptobjects.exe file installs redistributables for InstallScript projects (not InstallScript MSI objects).

For the MDAC 2.8 prerequisite, you'll need to download the InstallShield 2010 Prerequisites file from the following page:

That download is an installation that includes redistributable files for MDAC 2.8, plus a number of other InstallShield prerequisites. When you run that installation, it will install the required files to that MDAC path on your machine. In addition, in the Redistributables view, the Location column for that redistributable will change from "Needs to be downloaded" to "Installed Locally."

I hope that helps.
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Level 7

Yes! Thank you very much. That's exactly what I needed.
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