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Licence corrupted after windows 10 Anniversary Update

I have been running Installshield 2010 on this machine (and its predecessor) for years without any issue. The move of machine a or so year ago went fine. The current machine runs Windows 10, and all was fine until the Windows 10 anniversary update kicked in (without asking permission) about 10 days ago. Yesterday I had reason to fire up Installshield 2010 to check our product's install configuration, and IS reported a corrupt licence. The online fix process failed with an "unexpected error" (like there's any other kind?). The only change factor I can think of is the anniversary update, there's been no hardware change on the machine.

I have sent the offline XML to Flexera, but I am curious to know. Has anyone else seen problems after the anniversary update of Windows 10? Judging by the XML content, IS seems to think my hardware has changed - it has not.

Bob Moore
Tunstall Healthcare UK
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You see your Windows 10 PC asking for a restart after updating itself
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