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Level 3

Set Product_version at runtime

I have a 'Basic MSI' project of InstallShield 2013 Pro. I would like to create the setup with isbuild.exe like "isbuild.exe" -p".ism" -b"".
Is it possible to set the 'Product Version' and 'Product Name' Properties, which are defined in the 'General Information' tab of the project, via Batch or PowerShell or parameter or whatever before isbuild.exe is going to start?
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Level 7

you'll want to use the command line interface. I use the .ini file approach.
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Level 9

Instead of isbuild.exe you might want to look at IsCmdBld.exe. It has a few options that might help.

-y version number in the format xx.xx.xxxxx
-z set Property to Value in built MSI

Another way that I've used is to save the ISM as XML format instead of Binary format (the default). Then I just write to the XML file into the spots for the things I want to update and save before starting the actual build.

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Level 3

Thank's a lot for reply.
I think the easiest way is to use IsCmdBld.exe. I'll try that.
I had looked at the ism-file but did not know the possibility to saved it as an xml-file. Thank's for the hint.
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