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Launching exe installed by merge module

Hi there

I've followed the howto regarding scheduling custom actions in a merge module and that seems to be working fine (see screenshot below of ModuleInstallExecuteSequence table) incase I have done something wrong...

The custom action launches an exe file that is installed by the merge module. The problem im experiencing is that the merge module doesnt seem to actually install the files until right at the end of the installation process.

I have tried sequencing the custom action in various positions between after InstallFiles and before InstallFinalize but the custom action always executes before any files have been copied by the merge module.

Im really struggling to work out what to do now, any ideas would be appreciated!
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Re: Launching exe installed by merge module

Make sure your custom action is deferred (or defered in system context), or move it after InstallFinalize. For more information see my article Installation Phases and In-Script Execution Options for Custom Actions in Windows Installer. Note that it doesn't make a difference whether your CA is defined in a merge module or in the main msi project.
Stefan Krueger
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