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Killing a process


We are using InstallShield 2013. In one of our projects we are killing a process successfully. I am attempting to do the same thing in another project. I cannot import this action from the working kill action, because of a conflict.  So trying to create the action from scratch in the other project.

Under Sequence in "Install Exec Sequence" I cannot find the value "After InstallExecute".

I have attached a picture the working config file.

For completeness, the property IsTerminateProcesses is set to the name of the file.

Please assist.

Thank you,





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Level 6

Hi Ken! If I'm not mistaken, the InstallExecute sequence only exists if you have an executable called at the end of your install. To verify this I checked a couple of my projects; my installer that has the option to launch the UI when you click Finish on a successful install does have that sequence, another I created recently doesn't have that sequence. Granted there are a lot of other differences, but it's something to look into.



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