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Junk character are seen on displaying the RTFfile in install shield 2013

Hi All,

We have mimic the code for SdLicense2Rtf to display the custom rtf file but in the display window we see ?????? instead of the content in rtf file content.
This is working properly in the earlier install shield 2010.

Is there something we need to modify so that we display the content properly.

Look like below code is having some problem
list = ListCreate(STRINGLIST);
if (ListReadFromFile(list, szFinalFile) == 0)
nLines = ListCount(list);
i = 1;
nResult = ListGetFirstString(list, szAddThis);
while (END_OF_LIST != nResult)
if (i != nLines) then
szNewString = szNewString + szAddThis + "\r\n";
szNewString = szNewString + szAddThis;
i = i + 1;
nResult = ListGetNextString(list, szAddThis);
//MessageBox(szNewString, WARNING); // message i think szNewString doesn't have junk character but there is some problem in send message
nResult = SendMessage(hRichEditCtrl, WM_SETTEXT, 0, &szNewString);

Thanks in Advance.....
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Level 7

It is unclear as to why you are recieving this error.
Have you tried recreating your RTF file to see if this helps to resolve the issue?

Additionally, try creating a test project and adding your rft file into the support files to have an isolated case.
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