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how to uninstall one product(I know it's GUID) in silent uninstall mode while instal

hi All,

I need to uninstall one product(I know it's GUID) in silent uninstall mode while installing my product. I want to use silent uninstall command like msiexec /u GUID to uninstall another product while install my product, is it possible? can you please help me, can we launch another msiexec while installing one product?.

to explain my scenario more in detail.

we have released our product some time back and installer was designed to be installscript wrapper should install 2 setup.exe's , when we click on productSetup.exe, installscript wrapper launches first setupFile( lets say A), once it gets install completed 2nd SetupFile(lets say B ) will be launched. after completion of productSetup.exe installation, we can see 2 separate entries for 2 setupsFiles in add/remove programs and 2 separate registry entries . it is perfect

in our new release ,we are planning to add all 2nd setupFile(B)'s files to 1st setupFile(A) and one new featureNew is created in SetupFile(A) for all SetupFile(B)'s files.,

there is no more wrapper script is being used since we added all setupFile(B ) files to setupfile(A).

now we have only one installer that is Setupfile(A)

on upgrades , from previous release to new release(Setupfile(A)), whenever user selects this new feature FeatureNew , my setupFile(A) installer should uninstall SetupFile(B ) in silent mode. this is what requirement exactly.

my story is little big 🙂 , can some one please suggest me how to do it.

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You should be able to perform an uninstall with a new exe custom action or installscript custom action.

For installscript, see the following link:

For exe custom action:
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