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IsCmdBld.exe - Passing Command-Line Build Parameters in an .ini File


I am using InstallShield 2016 Professional. I am trying to use "IsCmdBld.exe" command line  to build a release for my application. 

I want to be able to override Path Variables with values as parameters for my build.

I can only make this work if I pass "-l" option with the path strings in the command line as below:

iscmdbld.exe -p "project.ism" -l VarPath1="C:\Path1" -l VarPath2="C:\Path2" -l VarPath3="C:\Path3"

Since I have a few path variables for my build, I want to use the .ini file method to do the overrides.

Follow the , I created an ini file with the following entries in the [BuildLocation] section as below:








In Command prompt, I ran the following command:

iscmdbld.exe -i "c:\myApp\mySetup.ini"

Basically, myApp.exe was created in the Package folder but PATH1, PATH2 and PATH3 did not get overridden like when I used "-l".

Can someone tell me what am I doing wrong?

Your reply is greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,




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Hello Everyone,

The actual command line I used to build my application and parameters passed with "-l" overrode Path Variables with the paths in quotes:

iscmdbld.exe -p "project.ism" -l PATH1="C:\Path1" -l PATH2="C:\Path2" -l PATH3="C:\Path3"

Has anyone able to use IsCmdBld.exe with the .ini file as parameters that successfully overrode for Path Variables?




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Currently iscmdbld using ini file wont support path variable overwrite, as a work around you can use a batch file using the command
iscmdbld.exe -p "project.ism" -l PATH1="C:\Path1" -l PATH2="C:\Path2" -l PATH3="C:\Path3" and then try build.
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