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Installshield 2019 Professional Edition 

2 step:

1. using Basic MSI project build a .msi(no update, new product code). But when install .msi, it will report  error 1334. 

set Uncompressed will work around this issue, but no proper UI. 

Compress, none(not MZIP) can not work properly 

2. using UI project to build a setup.exe. But when install, report "Failed to extract a file while staging. Either the file is not present in the stream or the file could not be written to the target machine."


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Hi @zctech ,

  • For the issue you face with Basic MSI compressed MSI,the  link has more details to fix this.Did you give a try?
  • Sometimes this can occur,when the setup path exceed the path limit for OS
  • Coming to Advanced UI/Suite project issue,
    • "This error occurs if the Advanced UI or Suite/Advanced UI installation fails to stage a file that is streamed into the Advanced UI or Suite/Advanced UI Setup.exe file. Either the installation is corrupted or the file was missing at build time."
  • Try checking whether any file is missing.
  • Is that the msi package that you had got as outcome of Basic MSI uncompressed option?
    • If so,you have to add other uncompressed files as well which you could able to see under package files(You can use Add Adjacent files/or sub folders option whichever suits your requirement)



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1. Yes, I have tried to use check the link solution, uncompressed can work around, but still it will report error 1334.

2. I am not sure, already put the project in D:\, can not go further

3. The file is not missing, and always for Add Adjacent files & sub folders option


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