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Installshield not displaying correct language during Upgrade

I am using InstallShield 2008 Premier Edition and I have created a multilanguage setup in Installscript MSI Project. When i install the setup in language other than English (e.g. in French or German) it clearly shows all labels and messages correctly.

The problem starts when I run the generated setup.exe file again. It should show the Modify/Repair page in the language that was selected during install (i.e. in French) but it is always showing in Default Operating Language (English in our case).

However if I click the uninstallation icon on the Start-up menu it is showing in the language which I have installed (i.e. French).

Our requirement is that in both cases it should be same language (i.e. french) but this is not the case. Please help.

Actually we are using LoadStringFromStringTable method to load respective string values from the Language Tables. We are having respective language resource tables (Englisg, French and German) and we have enabled LanguageDialog box and rest Installshield is taking care automatically. But when clicked on setup.exe the Upgrade is coming in English.

How to solve this problem; after long duration of surfing i come know it is know issue ab is fixed in Installshield 2009. Any work around is there??

Plz help.. in this context!....:confused:
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I alse had this problem.
Can it be resolved in installshield2008?
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