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Installscript setup.exe not compressing cab

Hello Team,


We are using IS 2020 R3 Standalone Build. We have installscript project.  The issue is that setup is creating 3 cabs during build but compressing only one cab inside setup.exe. Due to this setup gets failed on launch with error:  

Please help me with this.



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 If you need single exe file from an installscript project you need to enter a package name under releases --> setup.exe tab package name field, using this setting a single exe package will be created, Please refer screenshot.

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Thanks for the reply. I found that exe name is present. However, it is not including the cab.

My finding:

1) It created a second & third cab not getting included during build.

The cab size is

Cab 1: 151 MB in Disk 1

Cab 2: 4.2 GB in Disk 1 

Cab 3: 950 MB in Disk 2

During Installation i can see only Cab 1 in extracted temp folder.
Is there any setting I need to do for installscript project ? Please let me know.

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Create a network image release type, that will help you get in single exe, Go to release right on release and select network image release type and then build a compressed package and then build a check

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