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Installing and Uninstalling Excel 2010 Add-ins

I'm interested in distributing an Excel add-in.

I see it involves adding an entry to the registry under:


The entry is under OPEN, OPEN1, OPEN2, etc. depending on the other add-ins that are active.

So I have a few questions:

1. I presume IS can't handle this without writing scripts. If there's a way to do this from the REGISTRY settings, that'd be great. How?

2. Programmatically, how do I determine and specify which OPEN entry to create?

3. How do I handle uninstall? The entry could change depending on the user adding or removing add-ins between when it's installed and uninstalled. What event should I use to detect and uninstall?

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Level 2

Did you write this in VSTO? Then use Click-Once Install.

Also see the video on Deploying Addins created in VSTO.

In this video, Steve Hansen presents an overview of publishing and deploying a Visual Studio 2008 Excel workbook solution using ClickOnce.

if you used Addin-Express and you want to use InstallShield, then you need to add the custom actions and use ADXRegistrator.exe...which they provide(Addin-Express)
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Level 7

No, it's not VSTO. It was much simpler. Just another Excel spreadsheet (*.XLAM file).
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