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InstallShield prerequisite error message "Another installation is in progress"

I'm working on adding a new Feature Prerequisite to our installer and am running into the following error when trying to run the new setup.exe.

Another installation is in progress. Please wait until the installation is complete, then try again. 0x80070652

We already have another feature prerequisite that works just fine and this one was set up the same way.

The following page indicates I should not get this error when creating InstallShield prerequisites, so I am surprised to get this error:

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

More details...
The prerequisite is associated with a Feature so it can be conditionally installed.
The prereq is an exe file, not an msi. It contains packaged x86 and x64 and localized msis.
It has no downloadable files.
It has no conditions set on the prq, but does have condition on the Feature.
When the error occurs our sequence completely shuts down.
I've tried changing the prerequisite order to no avail.
I'm passing in the /qb switch to attempt to make this prereq do a silent install, but that doesn't appear to be working either because I do see UI of the prereq installer before it fails.

Thanks for any help or suggestions!
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Level 3

I wanted to add a bit more extra info since I haven't gotten any replies on this yet.

The project type is Basic MSI.
The prerequisite is a local file, not a Url
The prerequisite is set to require admin privileges
I am using InstallShield 2010 and Visual Studio 2010

Is there any more info that would help debug this?
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