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Level 8

Error creating Custom Dialog - Help

I have a Basic MSI project and I'm trying to launch a custom dialog from a CA. I need to do this in a deferred action, so I can't use a MSI dialog. I keep getting errors, however. I'm using the EzDefineDialog function. I've tried:

nResult = EzDefineDialog ("MyDialog", ISUSER, "MyDialog", 0);
which returns -1. During the installation, I don't even see the _isuser.dll anywhere in the SUPPORTDIR, but _isres.dll is in there.

I've also tried:

nResult = EzDefineDialog ("MyDialog", "", "MyDialog", 0);

nResult = EzDefineDialog ("MyDialog", ISRES, "MyDialog", 0);

which both return DLG_ERR.

The only time I've gotten anything to work is by trying to assign a Resource ID in the Dialog table to my dialog. I set the ISResourceID field to 12001 and try
nResult = EzDefineDialog ("MyDialog", "", "", 12001);
This works in that a dialog appears, but it is one of the built-in dialogs. I've tried other numbers in the 12XXX range and they are for existing dialogs. When I try a number that doesn't appear to already be set, i.e. 12345, I get the DLG_ERR again.

How am I supposed to get this to work? I feel like I've tried everything. I created a new project to test it out, same results. Please help!
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Level 8

Does this approach even work on Basic MSI projects? According to what I've read it should, but I don't always trust the IS help documentation.
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