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InstallShield 2022 - Install Condition "VersionNT>603" does not work with setup based installation


I am trying to use the Install Condition "VersionNT>603" and now the install fails on Windows 10 based operating systems. I have a setup based installation package. Looking at the setup.exe I can see that it has two manifests and only one of them includes the supported Operating Systems. Does anyone know which of the settings causes to include the two manifests or any other workaround. Even checking the WindowsBuild does not work.

Using InstallShield 2022 R1 Premier Edition.



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Revenera Moderator Revenera Moderator
Revenera Moderator

You can add supporting OS using our project assistant tab, and the condition will added automatically, 

May i know what is your project type, i have explained below for Basic MSI project type

First select view tab and enable project assistant tab, 

Then select the project assistant tab, and select installation requirement tab at the bottom row, 

Then you will see supported OS, options you can select the OS you are supported, 

Then go to Installation designer tab, you can see the installation condition added.

please refer screenshot attached.

Thanks for your answer. My project type is "InstallScript MSI". Using the project assistant will not solve my problem because I want to exclude Server 2012 R2, but include the higher versions. And I guess it just changes the Install Condition the same way that I would do it.

I think that my problem is related to this:

But the solution does not work, because my setup.exe contains two manifests so that the Windows version which is reported to the setup.exe is always 6.03 and a condition VersionNT>603 will never be satisfied.