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InstallShield 2020 automatically activates maintenance mode after restart


We're in the process of upgrading out InstallShield 2019 to 2020 R3.

When we import our .ism into 2020 R3 and build the release, everything seems fine.

Once the install has been applied on the target machine, the machine is rebooted.

It is at this point that the installer runs again immediately on log -in, but this time in maintenance mode (Modify, Repair, Remove)

The exact same .ism in 2019 does not do this.

Has something changed/been broken as part of the 2020 R3 release , perhaps with regard to the behaviour of the SdFinishReboot function?

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Revenera Moderator Revenera Moderator
Revenera Moderator

Hi nsanderson,

  Yes, it was a  known issue on using sdfinishreboot function after reboot it resumes with maintenance dialog, As a work around to avoid this issue is to set BATCH_INSTALL=TRUE on end or on being functions, 


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Thanks Varul.

We've solved it by rolling back to InstallShield 2019 which doesn't have the issue.

Is this bug going to be rectified in the next release of 2020?

Many thanks,


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Revenera Moderator Revenera Moderator
Revenera Moderator

Yes nsanderson it will be fixed in the next release which is IS2021
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