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InstallShield 2013 Premier failed to start with error "license has been corrupted"

We have InstallShield 2013 Premier version and we have been using it with a floating license with no problem.

However, after I install the latest update prompted by IS, I can no longer start IS anymore with the exact same behaviour.

It will pop a dialog saying "The product license has been corrupted. Your must repair the license before you can continue. Click yes to repair now."
After clicking "Yes", a Repair license dialog will appear.
The process completes and the dialog shows "Repair Complete!"
However, clicking on "Finish" won't start IS.
And starting IS again will result in the same dialog saying license has been corrupted...

11-18-2014[06:28:49 PM]: Command Line: "E:\Program Files (x86)\InstallShield\2013\System\TSConfig.exe" -repair -- File: FLEXNetActivationWizard\FLEXNetActivationWizard.cpp, Line: 66
11-18-2014[06:28:49 PM]: Using serial number from registry line: -- File: FLEXNetActivationWizard\FLEXNetActivationWizard.cpp, Line: 211
11-18-2014[06:28:49 PM]: Doing repair -- File: FLEXNetActivationWizard\FLEXNetActivationWizard.cpp, Line: 231
11-18-2014[06:28:49 PM]: Starting Wizard -- File: FLEXNetActivationWizard\FLEXNetActivationWizard.cpp, Line: 306
11-18-2014[06:28:50 PM]: Setting current directory -- File: FLexLicensing\FlexLicenseManager.cpp, Line: 365
11-18-2014[06:28:50 PM]: Initializing FLEXnet libraries -- File: FLexLicensing\FlexLicenseManager.cpp, Line: 368
11-18-2014[06:28:50 PM]: Installing FLEXnet service -- File: FLexLicensing\FlexLicenseManager.cpp, Line: 374
11-18-2014[06:28:51 PM]: flxActCommonLibraryInit: E:\Program Files (x86)\InstallShield\2013\System\TSConfig_libFNP.dll -- File: FLexLicensing\FlexLicenseManager.cpp, Line: 386
11-18-2014[06:28:51 PM]: Opening TS -- File: FLexLicensing\FlexLicenseManager.cpp, Line: 401
11-18-2014[06:28:51 PM]: Successfully initialized FLEXnet libraries -- File: FLexLicensing\FlexLicenseManager.cpp, Line: 425
11-18-2014[06:28:51 PM]: Failed to initiate trial activation -- File: FLEXNetActivationWizard\ASRFile.cpp, Line: 125
11-18-2014[06:28:51 PM]: Error 50021 (88881, 0, 0), This ASR has already been activated. It can be activated only once, so this request has been refused. -- File: FLEXNetActivationWizard\ASRFile.cpp, Line: 126
11-18-2014[06:28:51 PM]: ASR has already been processed -- File: FLEXNetActivationWizard\ASRFile.cpp, Line: 132
11-18-2014[06:28:51 PM]: Found 1 items in TS -- File: FLEXNetActivationWizard\ISActivationManager.cpp, Line: 630
11-18-2014[06:28:51 PM]: Record FID-1416337867 needs to be repaired -- File: FLEXNetActivationWizard\FlexFulFillmentRecord.cpp, Line: 120
11-18-2014[06:28:51 PM]: Doing Repair -- File: FLEXNetActivationWizard\ISActivationManager.cpp, Line: 397
11-18-2014[06:28:51 PM]: Creating Repair Object -- File: FLEXNetActivationWizard\ISActivationManager.cpp, Line: 399
11-18-2014[06:28:51 PM]: Record FID-1416337867 cannot be repaired, skipping -- File: FLEXNetActivationWizard\FlexRepair.cpp, Line: 60
11-18-2014[06:28:51 PM]: Performing online Repair -- File: FLEXNetActivationWizard\ISActivationManager.cpp, Line: 429
11-18-2014[06:28:51 PM]: Setting remote server -- File: FLEXNetActivationWizard\FlexActionBase.cpp, Line: 99
11-18-2014[06:28:51 PM]: Setting Comms type -- File: FLEXNetActivationWizard\FlexActionBase.cpp, Line: 108
11-18-2014[06:28:51 PM]: Setting Internet callback -- File: FLEXNetActivationWizard\FlexActionBase.cpp, Line: 111
11-18-2014[06:28:51 PM]: Sending repair request -- File: FLEXNetActivationWizard\FlexRepair.cpp, Line: 89
11-18-2014[06:28:51 PM]: SOAP action: flxCommsStatusCreatingRequest -- File: FLEXNetActivationWizard\FlexActionBase.cpp, Line: 72
11-18-2014[06:28:52 PM]: Nothing reparied -- File: FLEXNetActivationWizard\FlexRepair.cpp, Line: 102
11-18-2014[06:28:52 PM]: Internet Repair succeeded -- File: FLEXNetActivationWizard\ISActivationManager.cpp, Line: 433
11-18-2014[06:28:54 PM]: Finished wizard -- File: FLEXNetActivationWizard\FLEXNetActivationWizard.cpp, Line: 313
11-18-2014[06:28:54 PM]: Shutting down wizard -- File: FLEXNetActivationWizard\FLEXNetActivationWizSheet.cpp, Line: 42
11-18-2014[06:28:54 PM]: Shutting down activation manager -- File: FLEXNetActivationWizard\ISActivationManager.cpp, Line: 79
11-18-2014[06:28:54 PM]: CFlexLicenseManager::~CFlexLicenseManager -- File: FLexLicensing\FlexLicenseManager.cpp, Line: 52
11-18-2014[06:28:54 PM]: ~CFlexJobManager -- File: FLexLicensing\FlexJobManager.cpp, Line: 19
11-18-2014[06:28:54 PM]: Return code = 0 -- File: FLEXNetActivationWizard\FLEXNetActivationWizard.cpp, Line: 324

I saw there is a similar post in the 2013 Express forum:

Anyone has similar experience?
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Level 3

Having the same problem here with different version.

Had been running on Win7x64 with concurrent license of IS Premier 2013. Upgraded FlexNet license server; applied new license for IS Professional 2014. Uninstalled product. Installed IS Professional 2014 SP 1. Launch IS. Error message, "The product license has been corrupted. You must repair the license before you can continue. Click yes to repair now." Repairing indicates success, but every start of IS still generates same message.

Other installations on identically configured PCs work, so I know the process works. Have confirmed that there is a license available.

I never get to the place where I need to specify where the license server is.

Has there been any success here?
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Level 3

Finally figured it out!

In the \Program Files (x86)\InstallShield\2014\System\ folder (2014 is the product version), there is a program called TSConfig.exe. Run this with the /set_license_server switch. Then you can either apply your node-lock license or configure the location of your FlexNet license server for concurrent license usage using the Wizard.

C:\Program Files (x86)\InstallShield\2014\System>tsconfig /set_license_server

Hope this can help someone out!
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Level 2

I love you for this! I was banging my head trying to figure out how to update my trial with my license & was getting nowhere. Went through the repair circus a couple times, then repaired through the control panel, then re-installed...just to be in the same spot. Found this thread & BLAMO! One difference is i just double-clicked the TSConfig.exe & got the prompt to input my license. Thanks again!!!
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