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InstallShield 2011 unable to open project

We have 3 InstallShield licenses; we are already using one on IS 2018 on a Windows 10 system for a new project.

Trying to use another one on the newly setup Windows XP and "InstallShield 2011 Standalone Build Node-Locked License" as we have to support the older project. Post installation I could not find any software being installed on the Windows XP system.

The Windows XP shows C:\Program Files\InstallShield\2011 SAB\ and the directories below but could not find a way to open the Installshield IDE.

  • Languages
  • Modules
  • ObjectGallery
  • Objects
  • ObjectsPro
  • Program
  • Redist
  • Script
  • SetupPrerequisites
  • Skins
  • Support
  • System
  • Validators

The license page shows the below information for all three licenses. Is it an issue with the license?

Ethernet Address: 0aaaaaxxxxxe (WindowsXP_IS_2011)
Generated By: MY-FN MY-LN on May 21, 2019
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Hi @vparandhaman ,

"IS 2011 SAB" is only for Stand Alone Build, which means it allows to build the projects created using Installshield 2011 or earlier versions through the command line. There is no IDE present in the SAB package, hence the projects cannot be opened using SAB. 




Oh, I see. Is there a IDE version for 2011 and where can I find this?

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Log in to your "Product and License Center" with the credential provided, and see whether Installshield 2011 is listed there for download under "Release Archive" tab.
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