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InstallShield 2011 LE - crashing VS 2010, problems with COM and Information page

I had a bit of experience with WiX, and it seemed a bit complicated to use, so when the time came for a real project, I chose to use the new Flexera InstallShield LE for Visual Studio 2010. At first it seemed so easy, I created and compiled the first installation project without any issues. It even managed to extract COM information from some 3rd party library (which was compiled using VC 6, as far as I know), I liked how easy it was to add shortcuts and registry keys.

But when I added 3 more InstallShield installation (ISL) projects to the same Visual Studio solution, strange problems appeared.

If I edit the General information page of one ISL project and then click Save All button, suddenly the information gets messed up with parts from other ISL projects, some fields show up as UNITITIALIZED STRING, and some fields just mix up. And when I open the other ISL projects, I see, that the info is messed up there, too. The only solution seems to be to unload all other ISL projects while editing the General information page.

The problem number two: crashes. My project is a mixed C++/C# application. Sometimes while editing unmanaged C++ code, Visual Studio just crashes on some certain operations (like commenting out some blocks of code, cutting, pasting). I even installed Visual Studio 2010 SP1, but that did not help. The crashes completely stopped occurring when I unloaded all ISL projects.

I am running Windows 7 32 bit. I am testing installations on a clean virtual machine with Windows XP SP3.

So the questions are:

- how to stop Visual Studio from crashing when ISL projects are not unloaded?
- how to stop ISL from messing up data in General Information pages for multiple projects?

And one more question - does ISL support registering 32 bit COMs on 64 bit systems (also for autoregistering COMs)?
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Could you kindly provide us a small sample project which replicates the crashing behavior.

Kindly provide us all the contents of the sample project found in the location C:\Users\Visual Studio 2010\Projects.

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