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Level 11

Setup.exe File Description Property...

Hi all,

Currently, the Setup.exe that wraps our install had a File Description of "Contact: Your local administrator". I thought I could open the seed setup.exe with Visual Studio (I did this to replace the IS icon with our company icon) and change this in the version area, but it doesn't seem to work.

It did have some effect, however. I want to have this changed to "Company1 Launcher", but after making the changes above I get "Contact: Your loc", which is the same length as the value I desire.

How, if at all, can I change the File Description to our desired value? I didn't see anywhere in the .ism itself to do it.

Any info is greatly appreciated!

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Level 17

InstallShield 2011 has built-in support for customizing the Setup.exe properties and icon. Here are links to more details:
Customizing File Properties for the Setup Launcher
Specifying the Icon for the Setup Launcher

So, if upgrading to InstallShield 2011 is an option for you, you could use the built-in support.
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