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Associating dll with multiple component


I have 2 service developed in .Net say SA and SB using the common dll say SX.dll. Now how to associate this dependent dll to both the services adding only once.


Waiting for response.
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Level 8

Read the following carefully:

Understand how Windows Installer works. What the Best Practices are etc...

What you are trying to do is not achievable.

If you want to share the dll, create a component for the dll alone and install into a folder. Let the service exes share the dll.
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Level 3

thanks for yor relpy..

i guess i didnt post my query correctly.. 😞
actually this is in reference to installshiled..In my installshiled project.. i have added two components(ie. two features). Both the components are exe and they are using a common dll say comm.dll, which is the third component.

Now i want to link this component to my above two components.
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