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Including 64 Bit Components in a 32 Bit Install...

Hi There!

Our installation if for what is primarily a 32 Bit application. However, there are some components that are 64Bit. When I just add these to the install and mark as 64-bit it seems I get...

error -5008: Intel64 or AMD64 must be specified in the template of the Summary Stream.

Should I just add them without marking them as 64 Bit? Can I just add Intel64 to the Summary Information Stream along with x86 (or Win32 or whatever is the proper value) in the Release Configuration?

I've also run up against this problem with our Server installation where we have a 32 and 64 Bit release configuration. I'm now getting the above error when I compile the 32 bit configuration. I did have a 64 bit component in a 32 bit feature, but I changed it to place the 32 bit version in the 32 Bit feature and the 64 in the 64 Bit feature, but its still blowing up!

Please help!!!
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Re: Including 64 Bit Components in a 32 Bit Install...

Marking any component as 64bit automatically requires that your installer be marked as x64 in the template summary section. Maybe you can just include your 64bit files and create a CA to copy them to the appropriate locations...
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