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In Shortcut created for an application need to set "Run as Administrator" checkbox in the shortcut. Need this setting in Installshield

Using InstallShield, I am able to create a shortcut to the application.

I am unable to locate the setting in InstallShield that sets the Shortcut's "Run as Administrator" property.

The need:

The application we develop requires to be run as administrator. For few use cases we have observed that when not run as administrator the application does not return any value. The application developers have asked Installshield settings to be changed.

Can you help me on where to set the "Run as Administrator" property. So that our users avoid accidently running the application with lower credentials.Run As Administrator.png


The shortcut itself needs to be run as administrtor. For users with lower credentials it should prompt UAC on Windows

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Flexera Alumni

Hi @,

Which version of installshield you are using?

Starting Installshield 2018 R2,IDE has "Run as Administrator" as an option under shortcut settings,

More details:




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Unfortunately, I am using InstallShield 2016.

Is there any alternative to achieve the same behaviour?

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Any Idea how this was achieved before you released InstallShield 2018?

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@gakamath ,


I dont think it might be possible with custom action,since it might require sequence of actions in it.




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