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ISPreventDowngrade - Editing the Min-version at build time

Our build numbers change with every build (XX.XX.YYDAYOFYEAR.DailyReleaseNumber-Incremented). We build using TFS and issue an InstallShield command line to build the installer through a post-build script (powershell). We use Basic MSI for our installer project.

I'm currently manually updating the Upgrade Item for ISPreventDowngrade so that the minimum version is in the ball-park of what the version will be when we release. Since we may not know exactly what the version will be until build time, is there a way to set the Minimum Version in the IsPreventDowngrade upgrade item to be the new build number instead of manually editing it every time we run a build (or predicting a number that will be used in the future).
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The Minimum Version only needs to be higher than any already-released versions that you don't want to trigger an upgrade. It is not necessary to change it with every build. No matter what your build number ends up at when you release, you should have a branch of your project for the major and minor version of that release that has a static setting for Minimum Version. Adding the date and individual build numbers shouldn't change anything regarding the major/minor version numbers you want covered by your upgrade item.

If you are dead set on editing this every time, you could always save the project as xml instead of binary and then edit the project file in your build automation scripts.
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