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How to a access with a CA to data installed via a chained package

I prepare an installer (Basic MSI with installshield 2013) that needs to install, if not already installed, a third party application as a chained package.
My own installer has to copy one of its files in a directory whom location is defined in a registry entry created by the chained package.
I plan to use a deferred CA to copy this file, but I don’t know how to get the value of the registry entry when my installer will need to run the chained package. In fact I am not sure that an immediate CA is able to access a registry entry installed via a chained package…
In other words, my problem comes from a lack of knowledge about the accurate execution sequence of CA in a transaction embedding a chained package.
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A deferred installscript action should do just fine for getting a registry value created by your chained MSI.

First check if the key exists:

Then get the value you want:

Then store the value in an MSI property:
MsiSetProperty("SOMEMSIPROPERTY", svValue);

Sequence it after ISChainPackageCommit but before InstallFinalize

Then do whatever you want with the value.
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