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ISDEV - fatal error -6199


I am using jenkins pipeline with installshield build.

When reaching installshield phase i am came across:

spProject->Open Failed
ISDEV : fatal error -6199: Internal build error
Unspecified error


Further details:

  1. SAB 2018 installed along with installshield premire 2018 SP2
  2. The error below is shown after adding -v argument
  3. when running the build manually it works just fine without any installshield errors  and ism created sucesfully
  4. i am used the same account for jenkins service and installshield software installation


Please advice,

Thank you

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Hi adirisr

Please contact support and raise a new support case, you can contact them directly via phone using number provided at this link, they will help  you to raise a case and help you to solve this issue, 

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