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Level 8

ISDEV : fatal error -6041: Internal build error

Does anybody has an idea why this error could be happening? Is there an official website for the errors explanations?

The error comes up nearly at end of build:

Data1.cab built
Files built
ISDEV : warning -6487: If you intend to distribute this upgrade as a patch, you should author the 'Patch Optimization' setting on the Advanced Settings panel of the Release Wizard.
ISDEV : fatal error -6041: Internal build error
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Level 17

Error -6041 is documented in the help that is installed with InstallShield. A quick search in the help for -6041 reveals this information:

This build error can occur if a project includes support for multiple languages and if the release is configured to remove unused directories from the Directory table of the .msi package.

To resolve this error:
  • In the View List under Media, click Releases.
  • In the Releases explorer, click the release that you were building when you encountered this error.
  • Click the Build tab.
  • For the Keep Unused Directories setting, select Yes.

    For more information, see Build Tab for a Release.

  • Many of the build errors are also documented in KB articles. You can search the following site to find such articles:

    I hope that helps.
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    Level 8

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    Level 8

    Thanks Debbie
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