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Error -5001 : 0x80070002 HELP !

I'm getting error -5001 : 0x80070002 only in Vista and Win7 in the following scenario:

1.Installing my product.
2.Uninstall my product.
3.Log-off from Windows.
4.Log-in to windows with the same user account --->
InstallShield Error pops up during login to Windows. (view attachment)

After digging the web I understood that it might be because of a missing installation file but I can't find which.

I've tried windows update, I've also tried ISClear tool and also tried to remove UAC (User Acount Control) but without success.

Please help.
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Level 10 Flexeran
Level 10 Flexeran

This is a generic error indicating a file required to run the setup could not be found.

Did the install of this project request a reboot? If so, the setup (for first-time install) will attempt to continue after a reboot. If the machine is not rebooted as expected, and the product is immediately uninstalled, nothing will remove the RunOnce entry from the registry written by the first-time install.
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Level 3

I see that after installation under the key:
The value name "InstallShieldSetup" data is:
C:\PROGRA~1\INSTAL~2\{A7DDB~1\setup.exe -rebootC:\PROGRA~1\INSTAL~2\{A7DDB~1\reboot.ini -l0x0409

after debuging I understood that this value is written after OnEnd function and not during the script.

Yet, I didnwt understand why does it written (only in windows 7 and Vista and only in 32bit systems).

Also the BATCH_INSTALL at the end of installation is set to 0
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