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ISDEV : fatal error -4093

What's the error code "-4093"?

I got this error on one of our build VM, when compiling + build our product installer. (Note below, I have removed our product name/installer and replaced it with "xxx.msi" in the error statement.

Language built
Building CAB files... built
Files built
ISDEV : warning -6487: If you intend to distribute this upgrade as a patch, you should author the 'Patch Optimization' setting on the Advanced Settings panel of the Release Wizard.
ISDEV : fatal error -4093: Cannot copy source 'D:\Rel\Installer\PROJECT_ASSISTANT\SINGLE_MSI_IMAGE\DiskImages\DISK1\xxx.msi' to target 'D:\Rel\Installer\PROJECT_ASSISTANT\SINGLE_MSI_IMAGE\DiskImages\DISK1\1029.msi'PROJECT_ASSISTANT\SINGLE_MSI_IMAGE - 1 error(s), 1 warning(s)
Log file has been created:
Build finished at Aug 23 2011 09:38 AM
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Level 4

Ensure that the file exists, that there is enough disk space on the target location, and that you are able to copy to the location.
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