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IS2008 doubts

1] My company has purchased the license of IS12 half year ago, are we eligible to get IS2008 upgrade? or we need to purchase a new license of IS2008?

2] What are the missing features between IS12 and IS2008?

3] As I know, IS2008 supports Windows Vista, is it backward compatible?

4] Currently my project is done in IS12, is it possible to open it in IS2008?
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Level 12

For some of the answers, please see this, this and this.
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Level 3

1. Depends on your licence and/or maintenence agreement. I think you are entitled to one major release during the year you registered so you should be ok, but it's worth checking with the person you licenced it from.

2. I'm sure its been well covered but the online release notes should explain what's new and bugs fixed.

3. I'm not sure what that means. A 2008 project will most likely not be usable in 12/12.5. IS projects support many versions of OS and there are builtin properties that let you interrogate the OS you are installing on and take other actions if it's not what you are targeting.

4. When you migrate a project it will always make a backup copy of the original project in the same folder before it does the conversion. It prompts you for permission.
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Level 16

If your using a source control tool, the backup issue is a non issue. You can always go back in time.

Also this article shows a way of trying out a IS12 project built on IS2008 before you go down the project migration path.
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Level 9

Windows 95, 98, ME and NT4 are no longer officially supported (although your setups should still work on those platforms, especially if you are using BasicMSI).

If you are not entitled for a free upgrade as part of a maintenance plan, you can upgrade to the new version at a reduced price.
Stefan Krueger
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