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IS 2012 Sprint Premier, Windows 8 and .net 3.5


I know this has been asked before but I could not find any solution. When installing my installtion a on Windows 8, I keep getting popups asking for installing .net Framework 3.5. I tried the new prerequisite Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 (Windows Feature) but get the error code 0x800f0906. I am logged in as administrator on the Windows 8 machine. and have full access to the internet.

Another thing that I notice is that if I ignore the above messages and complete the installtion, then while uninstalling the application, I again get the same messages to install Framework 3.5.

Any solution to this issue ?

Puneet Pawaia

Edit : Using IS2012 Spring Premier SP1
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On Windows 8 and Windows 2012 .NET Frameworks are added as Windows Features and the Microsoft Redistributables of the .NET Framework cannot be deployed to these machines.

If the users wish to install the .NET Frameworks they must either have the source Windows 8 / 2012 DVD available or be able to connect to Microsoft update or their internal update server.

I've decided to keep my installs simple....Detect the OS.....if Windows 8 or Windows 2012 don't continue if the required .NET Frameworks are not installed.

The above applies if your installation files have a requirement for the .NET Framework 3.5

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Hi Puneet

I had the same problem but only on Windows Server 2012, on Windwos 8 the Prerequisite you mentioned is working correct. I use IS 2012 Premier SP1 as well.
After wrote to the IS Support I got a new Prerequisite which works well now on both, Windows Server 2012 and Windows 8 (see attachment). Note: You have to change the file ending from .txt to .prq and insert it to the SetupPrerequisites folder.

Hope this helps
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