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Howto change the Product name displayed in Add/Remove programs?

How do I change the default product name that appears in the Add/Remove programs window, i.e. the displayname value in the uninstall key in windows registry?
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Level 7

I am setting the Registry values using the following code which is in my .reg file in one of my components.
[CODE]Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


This is the code I have for setting the variables which is directly after the Destination dialog.
public void onChangingDisplayName(com.installshield.event.wizard.WizardActionContext arg0)
try {
String displayname = "DeleteMe 3.4.3";
String installLocation = arg0.resolveString("$P(absoluteInstallLocation)");
installLocation = FileUtils.normalizeFileName(installLocation, '/');
// Product_bean is the Bean ID for the Product
// Installation Design -> Product Name -> Advanced -> Bean Id
String uid = arg0.resolveString("$P(bean25757.key.UID)");
int hash = installLocation.hashCode();
String uidandhash = uid + hash;

arg0.getServices().getISDatabase().setVariableValue("CUSTOMDISPLAYNAME",displayname );

JOptionPane.showMessageDialog( null, "Your value: " + displayname);
JOptionPane.showMessageDialog( null, "Your value: " + uidandhash);
} catch(ISDatabaseException se) {
} catch(ServiceException s) {

I have once again been talking to support about this issue I am having but they are not much help.:o

The message dialogs report back the correct information, it seems from there on that there is a disconnect.
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Level 9

You need to use:


The update registry does not work with 'Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00'

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Level 7

Actually it does, at least from my experience. I just tested this using both types of reg files and it acted the same way using both files. I think my problem is that the DisplayName is updated during the creation of the uninstaller or something like that, because I can update all of the other fields in the registry like icon, version, etc. but not the DisplayName.

I was trying to update the DisplayName to include the version but I may have to settle for just putting the version information in separately unless there are any other ideas.

Thanks for your help Tom it is much appreciated.
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Level 9

Hmm..that is correct, the last thing the Install section of the sequences does is create the uninstaller, then goes to the post install section in the sequence.

Maybe you can add another .reg file in the Support Files and run an Execute Process to manually run the .reg file!

Another option could be to change the DisplayName using a 'Set Product Bean Property' in the sequence just prior to the Install section and change it back in the Post Install Section- although you may see the new name being displayed in the Progress Dialog!

I have not tried that, just rambling here! Have no idea how the uninstaller maybe affected either!

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Level 4

Hi all,

I created a setup which is working Fine.

In this setup, application name was "ABC".

Now I created another setup having same no of file which were in previous setup.

The change is: in previous setup, name of exe file is "ABC.exe". And in this setup I changed the product name from "ABC" to "DEF" and exe file name is now "DEF.exe". I didn't change the Product code and even I don't want to change it.

Now whenever Old application is installed on user's machine and he/she install new one without uninstalling previous then at that time there is an Upgrade dialog come to user (Its fine behavior just as i want). But whenever user upgrade an application at that time nothing is getting changed. All things event desktop shortcut of the application are of the old version. I want to upgrade all old files and shortcuts by new one.

Please Help Me........:confused: :confused: :confused:

Thanks and regards,
Mohit Patel
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Level 9

Try changing the "Replace Option" to always Replace for the main feature(s) and change all others to "Default"
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