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Pre-requisite installation failure


I created a prq file for JRE 1.6.0_29. I have both the installer file (jre-6u29-windows-i586-s) and prq file in the right location (\Program Files\InstallShield\2011\SetupPrerequisites). And I can add it in "Redistributables" in my installer project w/o any problems.

But when testing the installer, I got an error in the very beginning. The error message says "InstallShield Wizard: The files for installation requirement Java Runtime Environment 6.0 Update 29 could not be found. The installation will now stop. This is probably due to a failed, or canceled download."

If I run JRE installer from command line w/ silent mode option, it runs fine w/o any problems. So, the JRE installer is good.

Any ideas why the installer complains about not finding the JRE installer file?

Thanks in advance!
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Level 4

I am trying to silently install CP210x VCP drivers but it is failed every time.

Normal installation (installation with user interface) is working properly.

Is there any way to install it silently???
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