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How to return License in Installshield 2022 R1 ?

I'm missing the Return option in the "About" Dialog?
How to return License when I installed only Installshield from Adminstudio.
In Adminstudio Application Manager the "Return License" Button exists.
But sometimes we only Install Installshield without Application Manager.

Any Hints?

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Revenera Moderator Revenera Moderator
Revenera Moderator

Hi Peter,

Thank you for contacting Revenera Support.

I see that you are having both AdminStudio and InstallShield entitlements (separately) under your account.

Are you currently trying to release the license for an InstallShield software or InstallShield with AdminStudio edition software, please confirm to assist you better.

Revenera Support.

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Hello Sunil,
The Installshield Standalone Licenses are used by other Teams at BMW.
We are responsible/using the Adminstudio Licenses only.
With Adminstudio I recognized -> License Return only is possible within Application Manager but not in Installshield.
This is no major issue, but I have Team members which only use Installshield from the Adminstudio Suite -> So they have to add Application Manager to be able returning the License.

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