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How to reset the release name

How do I reset the release number when creating a release. I created an InstallShield project and tested it several times. When  I created the release I used the wizard. The release is back up to release number 6. In windows explorer I deleted all of my release folders which InstallShield created, because I want the release number to be reset to release 1 when I create a release. If I try to create release 1 I get a popup dialog box message "The specified name already exists. Please enter a unique name." So it appears that I cannot create a new release with the same release number of a release I used in the past. Even though I deleted the previous release folders.

So is there a way to start the release number back to release 1 ?

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Hi @ralphster ,


 Required to delete the release from the installshield project if it is not required, and then it is possible to create the release with previously created release names.

Thanks Banna. How can I delete the release within the Installshield project? If I click on the "Build" menu drop down I don't see any option to delete the release number. All I see is the following in the drop down menu of IS 2019:

Release Wizard..
Build Release 6
Build Tables Only (Greyed Out)
Refresh Build
Batch Build
Run Release 6
Uninstall Release 6 (Greyed out)
Run Package
Run from Web
MSI Debugger

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Hi @ralphster,


You can delete the release from the "Releases" view.

1- Go to the "Releases" view

2- Select the release which you want to delete.

3- Press "Del" button or  "Delete" option from the right click context menu.

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