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How to get the build log generated by ISCmdBld?


I am using batch file buildsetup.bat to invoke ISCmdBld in IS Express to build a setup project.

Originally I use redirect to get the output of the commandline, like this:

buildsetup.bat > output.log

However, it seems the ISCmdBld cannot extract .COM information because it is not run as administrator. So I have to set it as "Run as administrator".

Now when I run buildsetup.bat, I will get UAC message and after confirming by clicking "OK" button, the build log will output to standard output, but not output to my log file.

I try to use redirect for ISCmdBld directly, like this:

ISCmdBld -p "setup.ise" > output.log

But still cannot capture the output.

How can I get the log generated by ISCmdBld?


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Hi - 

You can create a verbose build log from ISCmdBld  using the -v command. 

Full instructions can be found in the following helpnet article:

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Sorry but this does not solve the problem. I try to add the -v parameter. Now the log is verbose. But it will still output to the standard output, not redirect to my log file.

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