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How to force certain components to be installed?


I am using IS2010 Basic MSI.

What I need to do is to install the exact same package twice on a system. In order to do that, I blocked (using conditions) all "FindRelatedProducts" and "RemoveExistingProducts" standard CAs. Now the second install runs without error.

The problem is that we have a group of features which drop files to certain location (determined by a path variable from commandline). If I define the property in the command, it worked fine in the first install, but not in the second time. Comparing the two log files, I can see that the features have the following logs:

1st install: Feature: my_feature; Installed: Absent; Request: Local; Action: Local
2nd install: Feature: my_feature; Installed: Absent; Request: Null; Action: Null

I am running the exact the same commandline with the property set to the same location, how could the second time didn't work? Please note that after running the first install, I uninstalled it and then a full UI install, and then ran the second command install. It seemed the full UI install blocked the features from being installed with the second command run, even though the property was defined in the command run.

Can any help on this?

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Flexera Alumni

Hi there,

I think there is an easier way to achieve this. I will recommend using the InstallShield Multi-instance support. This will allow the same setup many times on the same machine. Please refer to the InstallShield help for information on multi-instance support.
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Level 6

Thanks Aplesh for replying.

This issue seems more complicated than I thought after spending some time.

What I want to do now is to create a separate CA (InstallScript/VBS/etc.) to execute the component installation, and I will put a new dialog to trigger the CA (action), the dialog will be put to proper position with conditions from the commandline option.

The question is how to implement the CA, i.e. how to make the InstallScript (or VBS) code to run the component installation (so the files go to right locations defined in the components)?

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