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How to enable timestamp in InstallShield build logs

Hello All, 

I have a basic msi project that takes approximately 1 to 1.5 hours to complete the build. While reviewing the build log, It is difficult to analyze the most time consuming process due to the absence of timestamps for each operation/line. I have used the verbose option with IsCmdBld.exe but the timestamps are not included in the logs.

I would appreciate your help on how to generate build logs with timestamps to effectively identify processes that are time-intensive. Additionally, is there any option to determine the duration of each activity during the build process?

Project details 

- Type: Basic MSI ; Media: DVD 5  with LZX compression; 98% of files are dynamically linked.

- Size: ~2.3GB ; Total files : ~7500 files / 750 folders. 

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Hello @varul , @shunt , @Revenera_Ian  - Let me know if the above query is more of a missing feature, so that a case can be logged with IS support. Thank you !.  

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